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When the vinyl window made its triumphant debut years ago, it was only available in one color: white. When it comes to the design of PVC windows, the window profile film is almost unbeatable. The product is long-lasting, durable, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes on surfaces. Laminated profiles have established themselves for over 35 years with leading window manufacturers. Since then, the foiling of PVC window profiles has been an economical and also sustainable way forward. Versatile and practically indestructible -this and much more are contained in the material properties of films for outdoor use. TodayWindow Manufacturers can choose from a variety of colors and embossing for window profiles. This is made possible by coating with weather-resistant foil, which not only enhances the appearance of the window but also provides lasting protection. Innovations

In addition to the application on windows, front doors, and garage doors, outer foils are also increasingly showing their advantages on other construction elements. If they are used on hanging facades, they defy wind and weather, are maintenance-free, and ensure greater durability. As with window profiles, façade elements can also be chosen from the same decor and variety of colors. A very natural appearance can be achieved by using different wood decors. A technical appearance can also be achieved with metal decors that look like powder-coated aluminum or brushed steel. If desired, a design can be precisely matched to other elements, thus achieving a consistently homogeneous design of the building envelope.

Windows, doors, and garage doors play a decisive role in the overall appearance of a building envelope in order to guarantee a uniform look for different building elements, the subject of foiling also includes other components in addition to the windows. For this reason, we also offer exterior foils for front doors and garage doors. Thus, for example, one color or decor can be used uniformly for different building elements.

Componex is a one-stop-shop for Door pre-hung Manufacturers. Our range of components was developed, sourced, and stocked with industries’ needs and goals in mind. We carry all of the necessary components to complete any exterior door. Our stock program was built on years of experience in the door manufacturing industry. Wrapped wood products variety covers all needed parts and pieces from jamb to glazing bead to complete any door fabrication. Anything from sills, hinges, flush bolts, and horseshoes are in stock and ready to go thanks to a supreme inventory management program developed by ComponexAs a leader in the industry, we are committed to providing you with prompt service, excellent quality, and highly competitive prices for all of your manufacturing needs.

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